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Beyond Caffeine- Solutions for Endurance by C. Erich Cook, L.Ac.

Posted by Ryan • Friday, April 26th, 2013

 Beyond Caffeine- Solutions for Endurance

The energy drink fad has reached it peak. You can find caffeine-laced energy solutions at the checkout of Sprouts and Whole Foods. The truth is that there’s a lot healthier ways to achieve long lasting energy. I’d like to talk about a few of my favorites here.

    1. Exercise. Yes, my favorite energy solution has got to be exercise. Studies show that exercise, even close to bedtime can result in better sleep, along with many other benefits we already know. Don’t deprive yourself of it!
    2. Ant Extract. If you don’t mind that this actually comes from farmed Chinese mountain ant, you’re in for a real treat. Ant extract provides immediate energy (in about 15 min.) and lasts for a few hours, depending on how much of it you take. It’s what I rely on to get me through 10 hour work days or what can motivate me to get out of the house and take that yoga class I’ve been meaning to get to.
    3. Vitality. Vitality is a brand name energy supplement that’s build on sophisticated genetic science that can help reverse age-related decline in energy levels. It does so by improving the number and function of mitochondria inside your cells. Effects are noticeable after a few weeks as it changes gene function and does not act as an immediate stimulant.
    4. Spring Dragon Longevity Tea. This gynostemma-based tea confers many benefits as discussed in a previous blog entry. It also contains some of the finest adaptogens known including schizandra, eluthero, and astragalus. Its effects are noticeable usually right away, and it can be taken any time of day without fear of it keeping you awake all night.
    5. Deer Placenta. People who have exhausted themselves and those beyond middle age could greatly benefit from this amazing substance. People seem to notice needing less sleep and an increase in endurance levels within a few days of taking it. Other tonic herbs can take weeks to months to realize their full effects, but deer placenta can revive even the most exhausted individual in a matter of days. Try it and you’ll see.Also, don’t forget to drink plenty of water between meals, take a nap when you can, and learn how to meditate. Practicing self-care and reducing stress levels can also boost your energy levels and stamina.Prices:
      Ant Extract $65
      Deer Placenta $55
      Vitality $69.50
      Spring Dragon Longevity Tea $9All items carried at Adams Avenue Integrative Health!  Call 619-546-4806 or stop in to get yours today!
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