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ROCHE COVID-19 Antibody Testing

Posted by Admin • Wednesday, July 1st, 2020

ROCHE COVID-19 Antibody Testing now available!

We are now offering the Roche antibody test in San Diego!!  This highly sensitive test is FDA EU approved for asymptomatic patients to confirm the presence, or lack of, SARS-CoV2 antibodies in the individual.  You CAN now find out if you have had it or not. 

If your employer is requiring a test before returning back to work, this test is for you!

The Roche COVID-19 antibody test has a specificity greater than 99.8% and sensitivity of 100% two weeks after symptoms. Roche’s new antibody has been touted for their accuracy.  Roche has perfected their test for the ease of a finger stick for testing.

For more details on the Roche antibody test, otherwise known as the The Elecsys® Anti-SARS-CoV-2 immunoassay, check out their website here.

The antibody test is designed to tell you if you have had the virus in the past.  It will identify an immune reaction to the virus and checks for immunoglobulins (Ig) found in your blood that have developed in response to a past exposure to COVID-19.

Who should be tested?

EVERYONE who wants to know if they have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus should get tested.

EMPLOYEES are great candidates to be tested so they can return to work ASAP.  

Also, ANYONE who had symptoms start 11 or more days ago OR has been exposed to a known positive COVID-19 patient over 20 days ago is a good candidate for this antibody test. Researchers are still determining how long the antibodies or immunity will last.   If you are presently having symptoms, it is best to have the PCR nasopharyngeal swab done, which is available through your PCP and is presently not being done at our location.

What do the results tell me?
Positive results indicate past infection of COVID-19.  Whether you had symptoms or not, you have had COVID-19.  It may be wise to encourage your household to also follow up for testing.  A false positive is as low as 1 in 500 tests,  making this a reliable test to offer the public.

Negative results can mean that you have not been exposed but note that antibodies may take 2 -5 weeks to develop and present research is showing they last an average of 60-100 days. If you feel you may have been exposed, a negative result may simply mean that not enough time has passed to develop antibodies or that too much time has passed.

How is the test administered?
By appointment only, we will be scheduling COVID-19 Antibody Testing sessions with in our on-site testing center behind our clinic in the private suite at 3237 Adams Ave. (In the parking lot off Bancroft St.) Please DO NOT come to the front door of our clinic. Must register in advance. No Walk-ins.

Patients will be directed to remain in their cars, or if on foot to wait, socially distanced, in line outside the private suite at 3237 Adams Ave, behind our main clinic building in the parking lot off Bancroft St. This test is administered through a simple finger prick. Results for the COVID-19 Antibody Test will be sent to the email you register with.  Results can take 3-5 days and you will be able to print off the report like a lab test.

Does Insurance Cover the Cost of My Test?

Insurance plans are required to cover antibody tests, therefore your superbill from our office for the highly accurate Roche antibody test can be submitted to your insurance.  See also here.

Whether your test is positive or negative, you can still file your superbill to your insurance for reimbursement.

To schedule the Roche Antibody Test, please fill out this informational form and contact our office at 619-546-4806 or e-mail

For more info, contact:

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