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What is clinical massage?

Touch is a very important part of human contact. It helps us feel connected and loved by those around us. Massage uses touch through rubbing or kneading of parts of the body to aid in circulation and relax the muscles. Massage is one of the oldest, simplest forms of therapy. The basic goal of massage therapy is to help the body heal itself and to increase health and well-being.  In our Clinical Massage sessions, the goals you have for your treatment are the focus of your session, not the particular number of hands-on minutes during your session.  Half clinical massage sessions will last 30 minutes, with approximately 20-25 minutes of hands-on time spent working on one specific area.  Full sessions provide about 45-50 minutes of hands-on time; these sessions are long enough to address 2-3 specific areas, or an overall full body relaxation massage.

What are the benefits?

Relieves stress
Encourages relaxation
Improves posture
Lowers blood pressure and heart rate
Helps manage pain
Relaxes muscles
Improves flexibility
Improves breathing
Relieves tension headaches
Strengthens immune system
Decreases depression and anxiety


How often should I receive massage?

For General Health and Relaxation

For general health and relaxation, massage 1-2 times per month is recommended. This is ideal for those who are under light to moderate stress. This would also include people who are sedentary or who exercise only occasionally.

Massage for Stress Management

For those who have high-stress occupations or living conditions, a higher frequency of massage therapy is recommended. In this case, massage therapy helps the individual cope with their stress. Tension that builds up from stressful situations can be more easily managed with weekly massage.

Massage Therapy for Pain Reduction and Management

Reduction of, and management of pain requires a different type of frequency. It’s called a “diminishing frequency”. People in severe pain that do not require medical intervention can receive massage therapy 2-3 times per week in the first week. This may continue in the second and third week of treatment depending upon response of the client to the therapy. When the pain is reduced so is the frequency of massage therapy. At first it may be reduced from 3 times per week to 2 times per week, then to 1 time per week. Even chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia, lupus, carpal tunnel syndrome, tmj-d, and chronic low back pain can have a diminishing frequency.

Massage Therapy for Athletes

For Athletes the frequency of massage therapy depends on the sport, training schedules, and athletic goals. We can work out the frequency at your first consultation.