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Finding Fullness


Finding-FullnessFinding Fullness: Reshape Your Relationship with Food and Your Body

8 Week Program, Tuesdays 7-9pm

Would you like to transform your relationship with food once and for all? Are you sick of going back and forth trying to love your body fully, but something just keeps you falling back down again? We know how challenging it can be, but we also know it’s possible to overcome a crummy relationship with food. For those of us who struggle with emotional eating, bulimia, anorexia, binge eating, and even just having a constant focus on food, it’s not as simple as basic nutrition and exercise. It takes a willingness to love ourselves fully. But it’s easier said than done! It can take guidance, support, and all sorts of tools and knowledge that’s not commonly taught! That’s where this course comes in! It’s our intention to de-mystify the journey and make it easier for you to figure out what YOU need to transform in your relationship with food, and to feel supported enough to FINALLY get there!

You can expect to:

  • Take the years you’ve already spent healing your relationship with food and make sense of them
  • Develop new tools to shift unhealthy eating patterns into healthy ones
  • Find a sense of confidence and personal power in developing your OWN path toward healing with food
  • Uncover hidden causes that may have led to a challenging relationship with food
  • Develop a newfound sense of peace and freedom in your relationship with food

You’re in the right place if:

  • You’ve ever felt shame about your relationship with food, or you’ve ever hidden your *real* eating habits from others
  • You’ve ever encountered frustration, or felt misunderstood by those who insist that “eating right and exercising” is all that it takes to have the body you desire. You know what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle, but you find it’s all much easier said than done
  • It seems that no matter what you do to repair your relationship with food, you eventually just fall back into your old behaviors
  • You have tons of experience with self development work, but have found there’s nothing that resolves your crummy relationship with food

Call 619-335-1786 or email to reserve your spot.  Space is limited, so please call early.