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Scientists Unveil a Possible Answer to the Obesity Epidemic by Erich Cook, L.Ac.

Posted by Ryan • Friday, October 11th, 2013


Society is becoming more health conscious every day. People are choosing to eat more organic and non-GMO foods, regularly taking yoga classes, and a few are using meditation for its remarkable health benefits. Why is it then so many of us are obese and overweight? In the last study that was conducted, more than 69% of Americans were. And the toll on our health and economy is tremendous. Abdominal obesity is linked to heart disease, diabetes type 2, arthritis, and higher levels of inflammation.

Metabolism, fat storage, and food cravings is very complex picture. One reason why most diets fail is because “weight loss” is not the same as fat loss. Typically calorie restriction (combined with various supplements) results in the loss of a combination of water, muscle, and fat. Results are far more meaningful when they are measured in terms of body composition, or percentage of body fat change. Water lost can easily be regained and muscle loss will impair your body’s ability to burn calories in the future.

Diet, exercise, and stress levels effect gene expression favorably or negatively. Understanding the 20,000 genes of the human genome has been the subject of private and public research for decades, and the science is now bearing fruit.

One company has recently unveiled a program to change body composition without inducing muscle loss. It specifically targets genes related to fat storage and metabolism. Initial users have achieved a reduction of 15-25% body fat with no loss of lean muscle mass (or an increase of it up to 15%).

The system is at least a year away from being widely available and is currently being evaluated in a long-term study. Limited batches of product have already been sold in China and Europe and sold out almost immediately. The U.S. launch on October 15 is expected to sell out in approximately 45 minutes! If you would like more information on the system, call (619) 546-4806 to schedule your complementary consultation. The ability to buy product is by invitation only and requires a special code.  You may also email him at for more information.

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