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Year of the Ox

Posted by Admin • Monday, February 8th, 2021

AltHealNet’s “Sweet 16” Brings Growth and Change in the Year of the Ox

This weekend is threefold special for all of us at Alternative Healing Network. While Sunday is Valentine’s Day, Friday the 12th is the Lunar New Year, celebrating the first day of the Year of the Ox. It’s an auspicious day bringing us into a year of greater stability and a time to get things done, as a work Ox should. It’s also the 16th Anniversary of the founding of our non-profit organization, Alternative Healing Network, which has provided over 28,000 free wellness services since we started on Feb 14, 2005. With the intention of bringing holistic wellness services like acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopathic medicine and clinical massage therapy to all community members, regardless of their ability to afford them, we have always operated from this perspective of “Wellness for All”.

The themes of love (Valentine’s Day) and hard work (Year of the Ox) go hand in hand for our organization, and its mission. This new year kicks off some changes to help us meet our mission even more effectively. Alternative Healing Network is getting a new name, a new website, and a new look. Over the coming weeks, we will transition to becoming COMMUNITY WELLNESS COLLABORATIVE, a name that more accurately describes our role in bringing our community together through wholeness, connection, and access to wellness care. We will no longer be considered an “alternative” or a complementary after-thought. We are a collaboration of health practitioners working with a network of institutions and community groups that improve access to healthcare and wellness education.

This anniversary is also a time for us to reflect back on all of the years of great work we’ve done together. Thank you for all your support over the years! Keep taking care of yourselves and thereby taking care of the community!

– Dr. Ryan Altman
Founder / Executive Director

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