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San Diego, CA 92116
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Dr. Ryan Altman, Executive Director, DACM / L.Ac.

Dr. Ryan Altman, DACM, L.Ac., HHP is the Founder and Executive Director of the Alternative Healing Network, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that promotes the use of integrative healing to the public and improves access to care.  While studying Chinese Medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Ryan created the San Diego Healing Arts Festival, a free community event that brings music and healing together, allowing a fun and accessible forum to teach the public about integrative health care.

Later he worked to bring these healing techniques directly to the under-served communities who needed it the most. With the help of a growing team of volunteer practitioners and current affiliations with Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Bastyr University, Healing Hands Institute, International College of Holistic Studies, and OG Yoga, he operates a weekly “Integrative Health Night” at local community centers to offer free “integrative” health services to the under-served community.

In June 2008, Ryan created Adams Avenue Integrative Health (AAIH). As a project of the Alternative Healing Network, AAIH is a community oriented integrative health center that operates on a sliding scale to make integrative health services available and affordable to everyone. The proceeds from AAIH go to support the free Integrative Health Nights.

Additionally, Ryan is a graduate of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. He practices a combination of Classical Japanese acupuncture with Reiki, offering gentle, energetic treatments that follow meridian theory while using lighter gauge needles and a shallow insertion. This is good for anyone who may be a bit more needle sensitive. Ryan also incorporates “tui na“, a Chinese therapeutic massage technique, and “moxabustion” or heated herb therapy into most treatments.