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Chiropractic Team

Dr. Dave McCann, D.C. (Clinical Director) was born and raised in Alton, Illinois. The youngest of three boys, he was the first in his family to graduate from college. While working in the Clinical Engineering department of Barnes Hospital, in St. Louis, Missouri, his pursuit to find his passion came to a somewhat comical crossroads…go to Barnum and Bailey’s Clown College or attend Logan College of Chiropractic! He graduated with honors from Logan College in 1997.

Dr. Dave has a love for community theatre and recently received an award for Best Supporting Actor in a Minor Role for his role as Gonzalo in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” at the Coronado Playhouse. His interests also include science fiction, metaphysics, and music. However, his greatest joy is spending time with his wife, Colleen who is an amazing healer in her own right.

Clinically, his background in engineering has prepared him well with a systematic, yet highly creative approach to working with the human body. In addition to being an extraordinary chiropractor, Dr. Dave has a passion for nutrition, epigenetics and functional lab assessment. His extensive study of Applied Kinesiology (AK) gives him an excellent knowledge of the muscular system and how it relates to not only the skeleton, but also to the organs and the energy meridians of the body. By coupling lab results and Functional Genetic Testing with AK, often referred to as “muscle testing”, he discovers the hidden causes of dis-ease in his patients.

Dr. Dave’s humor and compassion go far to creating a healing atmosphere for anyone fortunate enough to be on his table.