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Our Practitioners

Ryan Altman, L.Ac./ HHP

Ryan Altman, L.Ac., HHP is the Founder and Executive Director of the Alternative Healing Network, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that promotes the use of integrative healing to the public and improves access to care.  While studying Chinese Medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Ryan created the San Diego Healing Arts Festival, a free community event that brings music and healing together, allowing a fun and accessible forum to teach the public about integrative health care.

Later he worked to bring these healing techniques directly to the under-served communities who needed it the most. With the help of a growing team of volunteer practitioners and affiliations with Pacific College, Concorde Career College, IPSB, Bellus Academy, and UCSD – School of Medicine, he created a series of “Integrative Health Nights” at local community centers to offer free “integrative” health services to the under-served community.

In June 2008, Ryan selected his team of practitioners and created Adams Avenue Integrative Health (AAIH). As a project of the Alternative Healing Network, AAIH is a community oriented integrative health center that operates on a sliding scale to make integrative health services available and affordable to everyone. The proceeds from AAIH go to support the free Integrative Health Nights.

Additionally, Ryan is a graduate of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. He practices a combination of Classical Japanese acupuncture with Reiki, offering gentle, energetic treatments that follow meridian theory while using lighter gauge needles and a shallow insertion. This is good for anyone who may be a bit more needle sensitive. Ryan also incorporates “tui na“, a Chinese therapeutic massage technique, and “moxabustion” or heated herb therapy into most treatments.

Dr. Dave McCann, D.C.

Dr. Dave McCann, D.C.

Dr. Dave McCann, D.C. (Clinical Director) is a 1997 honors graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis. His background in engineering prepared him well for his systematic, yet highly creative approach to working with the human body. His extensive study of Applied Kinesiology gives him an excellent knowledge of the muscular system and how it relates to not only the skeleton, but also to the organs and the energy meridians of the body. Through his use of kinesiology, or “muscle testing”, he discovers the hidden causes of dis-ease in his patients.

In addition to being an extraordinary chiropractor, Dr. Dave has a passion for nutrition. His use of the Biomeridian device, which extensively tests the health of the body’s various systems via 58 acupuncture meridian points, paired with his clinical experience, enables him to find the appropriate nutritional protocol for any health issue.

Dr. Dave’s humor and compassion go far to creating a healing atmosphere for anyone fortunate enough to be on his table.


Michelle Coltart, L.Ac.

Michelle Coltart, L.Ac. discovered the Chinese healing art of Acupuncture in the early 1990’s while working in the computer industry. After a co-worker suggested she get a treatment, she realized her true calling. She fell in love with this healing modality, instantly impressed by the effect it had on the health and wellbeing of herself and those she cares for.  She began her studies by attending seminars and reading every book she could find; a few years later she left the world of computing and returned to school to explore the wonders of this medicine in-depth.  Along the way, she has studied nutrition, herbology, postural analysis, and medical qi gong.

Michelle’s passion for this medicine shows in her commitment to her patients. Her compassion, humor and gentle needle technique set people at ease.  She delights that those she treats are as amazed by the effect as she first was.

Sean Figge, HHP, CMT




Sean Figge, HHP, CMT has had a strong interest in massage and body work from a very young age, practicing massage since he was 14 years old.  He has always been interested in healing through herbs and touch, and has studied it informally from high school age on.  After coming to San Diego, he discovered the Mueller College of Holistic Studies and began his formal training in many different modalities, including deep tissue, Tui Na, Shiatsu, Swedish and facilitated stretching.  After graduating from Mueller massage as a Holistic Health Practitioner, Sean has continued  to accumulate knowledge through hands on training and intensive studying.  Through years of practice, Sean has created his own approach to integrative massage customized to his clients’ needs.  As a member of Adams Avenue Integrative Health, he has continued doing what he loves, working in the field of health,  with like minded practitioners to develop a customized protocol for each individual patient’s needs.


Shannyn Fowl, N.D.

Shannyn Fowl, N.D.

Dr. Shannyn Fowl joins our clinic with a background in immunology research and 18 years of patient care experience.

She received her Bachelor’s with magna cum laude from Western Michigan University and her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine with Research Honors from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine.   She is a published author and adjunct faculty for San Diego Community College for the naturopathic education series for nurses and general public.
Dr. Shannyn believes each individual has a unique story that contributes to their health and we do not have to be victims of disease.  The many powerful tools of nature can be used to find healthy solutions.  Dr. Shannyn will work hard to help you find your answers.



Robin Persinger, L.Ac. Her first experience with alternative therapies was from her father as a child. He had, and still has to this day, a closet full of tinctures, teas, vitamins and a myriad of other old folk cures and modern natural marvels.  Inspired by the amazing healing powers of acupuncture and natural cures, she now has over 15 years of education and devotion and continues the pursuit for growth and knowledge in the field.

Received her under-graduate education from Bastyr University in Seattle, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Natural Health Sciences, then her graduate degree at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego. She has worked at several specialized satellite clinics including the Pacific Beach Homeless Clinic, the Seniors Clinic in downtown San Diego, and a HIV specific shift in Seattle Washington, and started her private practice in 2006.  She is a strong advocate of AAIH’s mission statement and is honored to be a part of the movement towards affordable healthcare and the continued integration and education of alternative therapies in the community.