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COVID-19 Research

NATION-WIDE SEARCH for PCR Positive Blood!

Have you, or anyone in your household, had a positive PCR (throat/nasal swab) test for COVID-19?
We are working with a research supplier that is searching for PCR positive blood to collect antibodies in order to help labs develop more accurate rapid tests. Consider donating blood. Stipends available from the lab. The lab may even send a phlebotomist to your home (NATIONWIDE) to collect blood samples with documented positive PCR test results.
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FDA Approved COVID-19 Antibody Testing Now Available!

We are now offering the Roche antibody test in San Diego!!  This highly sensitive test is FDA EU approved for asymptomatic patients to confirm the presence, or lack of, SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) antibodies in the individual.  You CAN now find out if you have had it or not.

If your employer is requiring a test before returning back to work, this test is for you!

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The Roche COVID-19 antibody test has a specificity greater than 99.8% and sensitivity of 100% two weeks after symptoms. Roche’s new antibody test has been touted for their accuracy.  Roche has perfected their test for the ease of a finger stick for testing.

For more details on the Roche antibody test, otherwise known as the The Elecsys® Anti-SARS-CoV-2 immunoassay, check out their website.

For more information, visit our Roche Testing informational page here

To schedule the Roche Antibody Test, please fill out this informational form (You will need Adobe Reader to fill this out. Free Download available here) Contact our office to schedule at 619-546-4806 or e-mail

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The goal of AltHealNet’s Research Division is to build bridges among researchers, integrative health practitioners, current and future doctors. We want to advance Traditional Chinese Medicine via research, and encourage the awareness of an integrated eastern and western medical approach by conducting studies and publishing its results in peer reviewed journals.

Please check back soon for more information on our Pilot Research into the benefits and uses of Chinese Medicine.

For more information, please contact DR. RYAN ALTMAN, L.Ac. at: